Working in the tradition of the sewn “sampler”, embroidery on linen, I am enjoying the limitation of “the notebook page”. These pages are fabric drawings.

While exploring the word “good”, I began by crossing out an “o”. This was the first step in realigning this word; addressing the repressive quality of being good. As I kept pursuing “good”, I found myself with three versions.

The choice of the conditional word, “IF”, got me thinking about the big shadows cast by that tiny little word.

A constant in my work is my attraction to materials, the way they can be manipulated, and the way they seduce me.

Although I have always had a literary bent, using a verbal structure in the studio is new for me.

Cynthia Atwood Notebook Pages 2012- Linen and thread
Sold DotFail/ Flail
Linen and thread
13 x 15"
Notebook Pages 2012-